Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google Crack - Break the Addiction!

Google, Google, Google, Google, Google! Are you addicted to Google? Who is truly making money in the end? Let's not forget that there is a big world out there in the digital media space.

Here are a few signs that you are addicted:
Are you spending a majority of your budget on Google?
Are your conversions dipping as you Ad Word rates go up?
Are you seeing more "browsers" than "buyers" coming through Google Ad Word Campaigns?

Although it is true that Google is the dominant player in search, the fact that shoppers begin their searches on Google is not always a good thing. If you are an e-Commerce merchant you want buyers not shoppers.

Several smart things to do to curb the addiction:

1. Audit your site and make sure you have every possible "email trap" in place to capture value from every click. Offer an "Item of Value" in exchange for their contact information. Consider a contest like an eContest to maximize your ROI.

2. Be sure you are giving MSN and YAHOO search their fair share. All though you will get less traffic you will see better conversion across the board.

3. Take negative ROI campaigns and begin to allocate that budget to Social Media and Mobile Web (depending on your target market) and begin attracting new customers.

Just like everyone out there - Google is a necessary part of any successful Digital Strategy, however, I have seen so many small to medium size companies get addicted to Google - once they are shown the light - things begin to improve!

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